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Migraine 24, 2007

This is The Missing Piece, MigraineAway. Your home for knowing what migraines are and where to find help. A migraine is not just a headache. Although moderate to severe head pain is the most common symptom, there are usually other symptoms that help diagnose frequent bad headaches as a migraine. It is important for you to understand and recognize these symptoms in order to help your doctor diagnose your headache and provide you with proper treatment.

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Migraine Myths

Migraine25, 2007

Myth: Stress doesn't trigger migraines.

“Physical and emotional stress, both good and bad, may trigger a migraine by releasing chemicals that can cause changes in the brain. Even letdown after a period of stress can trigger a migraine. ”

Myth: Migraines are not hereditary.

“There is a 50% chance a person will develop migraines if one parent had them, and a 75% chance if both parents had them. Even a distant relative with migraine can increase a person's chance of developing migraine by 20%. ”

Myth: Migraines are just really bad headaches.

“Although migraine-related head pain can be severe, the condition may cause impairment as well as anticipatory burden, disruption of routines and worry between attacks. It's important for you to realize that this impairment means that migraine is more than just the headache. ”

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